The 10 Sexiest Nationalities in the World

The 10 Sexiest Nationalities in the World


There are certain people that seem to put off a super sexy, alluring energy. While everyone in their own right is absolutely a unique and beautiful individual, there are some people that just seem to shine sexy. Whether it is I the way they dress, look at you through the mystery of their eyes, or if it’s simply in the way they move some people just seem sexier than others.

What about an entire culture that emanates this sexy vibe? The world is made up of so many beautifully unique cultures, some of which just happen to be a little sexier than most. While beauty runs in everyone everywhere, sexiness does not. There just so happens to be a few different places in the world where the citizens are sexier than most. Maybe it’s in the way they were raised or cultural characteristics that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Different polls that were taken online all had one thing in common. Even when you asked a male or female the same question, there were certain countries that seemed to commonly be thought of as holding the most sexual appeal. Different countries each hold values and ideals all their own, but in each there seems to be a certain something about the citizens that make them up. Whether it is the allure of a spicy Latin lover or the way Japanese girls seem to make men melt with their soft, big eyes there is something different that each culture holds that makes people from all over the world attracted to their allure.

What Makes Someone Sexy?

Before diving into the sexiest nationalities from around the world, it’s probably wise to know just what it is that makes a person sexy. Sex appeal comes in all shapes and sizes, but there are definitely some characteristics that make some sexier than the next.

It seems that what sexy really comes down to is a natural confidence and someone who is comfortable in their own skin. These are the ones who don’t care whether you think they’re sexy or not. They are who they are and this ends up leading to a greater sexual appeal. While looks certainly do something, it’s often the confidence that makes the looks. Beauty, after all, does come from within.

With that being said, looks do definitely have something that captivates the eye of the opposite sex. Something about a long, sleek physique or a curvy body that moves in all the right places is enough to warrant one for having sexual appeal. But being comfortable in this skin and happy with who you are, is what really comes down to what makes a person sexy. When someone loves themselves for who they truly are and doesn’t need to seek the approval from others is where you’ll find the real sexy.

It seems that it’s not just looks and confidence that are grabbing the attention of males and females across the globe. Apparently there are a few places around the globe that are much better known than others for holding home to the sexiest residents. When people were asked what nationality they found sexiest, it seemed that some cultures dominated over others. Time and time again men and women alike picked one of the following ten countries when they asked who had they sexiest citizens. Apparently, the way people from the following ten nationalities present themselves have the most appeal of all.

1. Italian

No culture screams sexy quite like the Italian. Italian men are known for their smooth, Casanova like personalities that have been charming women for centuries. Maybe it’s the dark hair and eyes. Or the way they kiss your hand when you say hello. Maybe it has something to do with the beautiful way in which they speak. Italian is one of the romance languages, after all. Whatever the case may be, Italian men have got it going on.

Italian women are known to make men go crazy. Perhaps it’s their womanly figure; they’re beautiful olive skin, their curvy hips, or the way they seem to pull you in with their silent seduction. Italian men are no less adept at the game of sensual seduction than the women, and both sexes of this wildly sexy culture have been melting hearts worldwide for years. There’s just something about the way they carry and present themselves that makes their appeal tough to get out of someone’s mind.

2. French

French is considered “the world’s sexiest language”, and the people that inhabit this country seem to have an air about them that makes them some of the sexiest in the world. The attitude of French men and women is different than most, and their composure is different than any you’ll find worldwide. Maybe it’s the laissez-fair air about them, but something definitely sets the French apart from other cultures when it comes to sexiness.

French men and women alike know how to take care of and present themselves in such a way that makes the opposite sex do a double take. From the clothes to the cologne, this culture is classy and the people that are a part of it are known for an air of sophistication and style like no other.

French men seem to be some of the most composed and smooth there are, and the women….French girls are some of the most feminine in the world and they definitely offer a mysterious air of sexuality. They are comfortable in their skin and don’t let little imperfections stop them from looking and feeling their best. Man or woman, the French just seem to make beauty look easy.

3. British

While French may be considered the sexiest language, British accents are known as the sexiest in the world. This is one reason men and women both find the British sexy. British men just seem to know how to treat a woman like royalty, but still have that cocky side that all women seem to find attractive.

When it comes to sexy, confidence is king and British men and women both seem to have this down. The way they carry themselves and that classic air they hold about them is something undeniably attractive. From the way they talk to the way they move, the Brits have something that can’t be beat.

4. Swedish

There’s nothing quite like a tall, blue-eyed beauty that makes someone sexy. Men around the world can’t get enough of Swedish beauties, and women seem to love Swedish men. They are charming, attractive, and wear the color black (a staple in Swedish fashion) better than almost any other nationality there is. Not only famous for fabulous furniture, the Swedes carry ranking among both men and women as some of the hottest people on the planet.

Swedish people are known for being open minded and not afraid to talk about sex or their own sexuality. While a lot of their sexiness stems from their good looks, Swedes are known to be great listeners and not apt to open up until they get to know someone. When they do however, is when one begins to realize just how sexy their true nature really is.

5. Russian

Russian women are hands down some of the sexiest on the planet. There’s a reason why this country is famous for its mail-order-brides. With rich accents and sexy voices, there is something to be said about the way a Russian woman speaks to a man. Their bodies come in all shapes and sizes, yet the physique is partial to the way Russians carry themselves in a cool, sophisticated manner.

Russian women fair better than Russian men when it comes to the sexiest people of their country, but that is not to be said that a Russian man is lacking any sort of sexiness. The accents and sharp features of these males have been turning the heads of many a woman for years.

6. Bulgarian

Whereas Sweden has the tall blondes, Bulgaria is home to tall brunettes, and the women here are something men seem to swoon over. Anyone knows how sex appeal is conveyed through the eyes and Bulgarians certainly know how to use them. These beauties have eyes of a variety of different shades, light blues and greens that would make anyone melt.

The sultry accent of Bulgarians is gorgeous to listen to and is definitely a big part of their undeniable sex appeal. Bulgarian men know how to treat their women, and seem to take special care to give them just what they need in whatever way they need it. Passionate and charming, Bulgarians are some of the sexiest Europeans alive. A trip to the Black Sea will make you think you’ve found yourself lost in paradise with all the beautiful people that surround you.

7. Columbian

Where Columbian men fall short on surveys of sex appeal, Columbian women certainly make up for what they are missing. The culture of Columbia is decidedly energetic, and the women of this South American country are just the same. With their thick, dark bodies and engaging eyes, these women are the epitome of the classic Latin lover. There isn’t a man alive that wouldn’t want a Columbian beauty by his side.

Columbians know how to carry themselves in a way that gives off an air of sexy self-confidence; something we all know assuredly makes or breaks sex appeal. From the way they say the things they do to the way they move, Columbian women have what it takes to bring any man bow to their beauty.

8. Puerto Rican

Puerto Rican
There’s something about dark-skinned, dark-eyed foreign men and women that make other nationalities subject to their alluring sex appeal. Puerto Rico is home to handsome men with striking features and voluptuous women that know how to use what they’ve got. The culture of Puerto Rico and the people that make it up are dripping in sexy and have found a way to make heads turn.

The constantly tan skin and shiny, smooth complexions of these people could be enough to make them some of the sexiest on the planet, but the wildly open personality and charm makes them even that much more alluring. For such a little island, it sure does pack a lot of sexiness. Women and men alike are beyond pleased when they see what makes up the population of beautiful Puerto Rico.

9. Japanese

Japanese women have some of the most subtle sex appeal around. There is something about these island beauties that drives men crazy. The soft skin, shining hair, and petite frame could have a big part to do with the ranking of Japanese women as some of the sexiest alive. It also may have something to do with their big, round eyes that seem to peer innocently through dark lashes set against light skin.

Men just seem to find Japanese women irresistible. Unfortunately, for Japanese men this isn’t the case. When it comes to sexy, Japanese women have their men beat, but also make them some of the luckiest in the world when it comes to finding that especially sexy mate.

10. American

American couple
The melting pot of America seems to have some people around the world attracted to the appeal of both men and women from the United States. Americans are people of all colors, shapes, and sizes, yet the sexiness seems to be in the eye of the beholder. There are so many different cultures and nationalities mixed into the average American that they seem to bring their sex appeal from all over the world into one place.

America has got it all, and there is no shortage of sexy when it comes to the people that inhabit this culturally diverse country. If there’s something that you specifically find sexy on someone, you’re sure to find it in an American. Any accent, size or shape, and color can be found in an American, certainly making the range of sexiness far-wide and reaching.


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