10 Most Unbelievable Places That Really Exist

10 Most Unbelievable Places That Really Exist

Turkey – Pamukkale

We live in an incredible world with many incredible places. The world is so vast and incredible that new places with beautiful vistas and amazing things are constantly being found. There are tall rock formations, monuments, bodies of water with peculiar colors, historic locales and modern metropolises. While some may find these incredible things not attractive there are many places that are incredible nonetheless. This listing of the ten most unbelievable places includes all totally real places that were identified throughout the world. Take some time to review this listing of incredible but real places that do actually exist!

10. USA – Antelope Canyon

USA – Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon is an expansive slot canyon located in Arizona, the southwestern desert state in the United States. This slot canyon is on Navajo Nation property not too far from Page, Arizona. The canyon walls of this picturesque slot canyon rise over 120’ and the width of the canyon ranges throughout the length of the canyon. The slot canyon is known for its picturesque walls with reddish colors making the entire picture surreal. The slot canyon is dangerous during monsoon season and many times flooding washing through the canyon taking out anything in its path.

9. Japan – Hitachi Seaside Park

Japan – Hitachi Seaside Park
Number nine on the list of unbelievable places in Hitachi Seaside Park located in Japan. This park is situated not far from Ajigaura Beach and the park spans approximately 3.5 hectares and boasts wide expanses of colorful flowers that bloom throughout the year. No matter when you visit Hitachi Seaside Park you will see long expanse of flowers waving in the breezes from the sea. The Hitachi Seaside Park has become a very popular destination for both locals and visitors.

8. Ukraine – Tunnel of Love

Ukraine – Tunnel of Love
Number eight on the list of most unbelievable places is the Tunnel of Love located in the Ukraine. This unbelievable place is a tunnel that consists of trees and vegetation that has grown up around train tracks and formed a living tunnel. The tunnel is popular for local couples looking for a romantic place to visit. The tunnel stretches so far that in some places all that can be seen is solid vegetation which gives the tunnel a very secluded and romantic feel when walking through it.

7. Street in Bonn – Germany

Street in Bonn – Germany
The seventh on the list of unbelievable places is Street in Bonn, Germany. In the Altes land orchard region in Germany there are cherry blossoms that bloom and create canopies of the streets in Bonn. This phenomenon has become a major tourist attraction in Germany and there are celebrations that bring in many tourists and locals when the cherry blossoms bloom. A Japanese society based in Germany helps to coordinate the celebrations and there are fireworks displays.

6. China – Tianzi Mountains

China – Tianzi Mountains
The sixth most unbelievable place the really do exist are the Tianzi Mountains located in Wulingyuan in the Hunan Province of China. The mountains are named after a farmer call Xiang Dakun who was famous in the area for leading a revolt for the local farmers. The Tianzi mountains are made of sandstone and tower high in the sky which earner them a comparison to floating islands that appear above the fogs that roll through the area. This expansive park ranges in scenic terrain from snow-capped to pine trees throughout this picturesque park.

5. Australia – Lake Hillier

Australia – Lake Hillier
The fifth most unbelievable place that really exists is Lake Hillier in Australia. From first glance it’s obvious why this is included in this list because the entire lake is colored pink. The water is permanently colored pink and makes the lake stand out like a giant cloud of cotton candy in the surrounding terrain. When people take a sample of the water and put it in a clear container the water retains its pink color as if it had been mixed with food coloring. The lake is approximately 600m long and is located just inland from the ocean on the Recherche, Archipelago on the west side of Australia. One unbelievable thing about the lake is that scientists have not completely identified the source of the coloring. The lake is a salt lake and there is a bacterium on the salt crusts that is red in color and could attribute to the lakes color.

4. Turkey – Pamukkale

Turkey – Pamukkale
The fourth on the list of unbelievable places in the world is Pamukkale in Turkey. These naturally formed attractions are located in the south west part of Turkey in the Denizli province. Pamukkale is a series of terraces that have been formed by the natural hot springs in the area and the sediment the flowing pools leave behind. The sediment is actually travertine which makes these terraces very colorful. The terraces were famous even in ancient times and there was a Byzantine City, Hierapolis that had been constructed on the top of the mountain formed by the terraces. Throughout the years a series of different buildings and hotels were built on top of this ancient city until finally the area was designated a World Heritage Site and the site was reclaimed. Today many tourists visit this site each year and enjoy the hot springs.

3. Japan – Bamboo Street

Japan – Bamboo Street
Japan is the home of the third most unbelievable location in the world, Bamboo Street. This street is within the Sagano Bamboo Forest and many think that this incredible street is the most amazing site within the country of Japan. When people visit Bamboo Street they will be amazed at the incredible sounds the wind makes when it blows through the bamboo forest. The sound has garnered the attention of the government in Japan and they have designated it one of the “must be preserved sounds of all Japan”

2. Netherlands – Tulip Fields

Netherlands – Tulip Fields
The second most incredible and unbelievable place in the world is located in the Netherlands, the Tulip Fields. Everyone things of The Netherlands and the dutch go along with tulips and in this area just outside of Amsterdam there are fields cover in tulips each March. Tulips are planted in different rows with similar colors together. The bright colors are so distinct that looking at the fields can give one the impression that it’s actually a cartoon and not real. The tulips come in a multitude of colors spanning every color in the rainbow. A visit to the Tulip Fields in the Netherlands will convince you that this site belongs in this list of unbelievable places.

1. Vietnam – Hang Son Doong

Vietnam – Hang Son Doong
Number one on the list of most unbelievable places in the world is Hang Son Doong caves located in the country of Vietnam not far from the Laos border to Vietnam. The caves can be found in the QuangBinh province of Vietnam. These cavernous caves are large enough to place entire streets within their confines and have only been discovered recently and opened for exploration. With this recent finding it goes to show that there are still unbelievable places left to be found within the world. The first group of tourists to visit the cave were in 2013. Inside the cave there is an underground river that flows exceptionally fast and makes a whistling sound that scared some of the first people that came across the cave. The largest cavern within the cave is more than 200 m high and 5 km in length which is what makes Hang Son Doong the largest cave in the world.


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